Deane Kingan’s experience with Leech & Partners goes back to the very beginning. Deane’s parents, Murray and Annette, were one of Gary Leech’s very first clients and remained working with him throughout their careers. It was only natural for Deane to work with Leech & Partners when launching his own business, Kingans Holdings Limited, in 1993.

With a focus on the B2B account management of Spark business clients, Kingans Holdings handles the dedicated management of approximately 27,000 business portfolios throughout New Zealand. Their portfolios range from sole traders through to medium-to-large businesses.

The Problem.

However, until last year, Kingans Holdings also managed a number of franchised Spark retail stores throughout the country. Unfortunately, due to a change in strategy, Spark purchased back the retail stores to manage them internally in 2017. While Spark were very helpful during the transition, doing everything they could to help make the process as smooth as possible, last year was still one of the toughest for Kingans Holdings.

The Hardest Part.

For Deane, the most difficult part was saying goodbye to a number of longstanding staff members who were all like family. Deane believes in building strong relationships with his staff, business partners and clients. He explains that it’s one of the biggest reasons why he has enjoyed working with Leech & Partners over the years.

“They’re great to work with, because their values are similar to ours.” But losing the retail stores wasn’t all bad for Kingans Holdings. They were able to retain shareholdings in six Spark Business Hubs throughout New Zealand and without having to manage the retail stores any longer, this allowed Deane and the team to put all their focus on their business clients.

What's Next?

As a local SME themselves, Kingans Holdings understand the unique challenges their clients face and will be looking at improving customer solutions through increased ICT in the years to come. Throughout this coming journey, Leech & Partners will be there every step of the way, particularly their personal accountant, Glen White. “Glen has been our accountant for a number of years now and I have an outstanding relationship with him. He comes out to see us personally and gives us great advice, while keeping me on my toes.” Deane explains with a laugh. “But that’s what you want from your accountant, isn’t it?”

“Leech & Partners have been a huge part of our business and to be honest, it’s been a really good journey.”

General Enquiries

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