As any parent knows, kids grow quickly and sometimes it seems impossible to keep up with new shoes, new clothes – that’s how Craig and Nicole felt. Like new parents of a fledging company that was going through a massive growth spurt, so fast, so immediate, they were struggling and needed help.

MASH was founded in 2012 by Craig Fortune, a registered teacher with ten years experience in the classroom and five young children. Their aim every day is to provide children with a fun, stimulating, exciting and safe after school learning environment where they are not only well supervised, but are also given the opportunity to enhance their academic, artistic and physical skills.

Finance & Marketing Manager Nicole said that they were aware of the challenges they were facing as an organisation and how partnering with Leech & Partners helped them create a road map for coping with massive growth within a small time frame.

The Problem.

‘We were at a point in the history of our business, where we’d grown organically, very quickly. But we soon realised that when it came to financials, and making sure that we were on track with all processes – well, we needed to step up. To engage with someone who could act as a trusted advisor.’ MASH needed an accounting and business advisory partner that could move forward with them and keep pace with their rapid changes. ‘We wanted guidance with financial and accounting processes. Leech were referred to us by a friend of ours. They’re also with them. As soon as we met Glen, it was a no brainer.’ MASH were poised to purchase their biggest competitor in the Canterbury market, and they needed to know it was the right decision.

The Difference.

Constant, proactive support. ‘Glen was instrumental in that purchase. He went through all the books. There’s so much to the purchasing of the business, especially the financial side of things. What issues we might be facing without knowing it. This was over the Christmas period as well. Yet here is a guy, family himself and he really stepped up and helped us seal the deal. And if he had said ‘no’ – we would have walked away. There really is that level of trust.’ At the time they engaged with Leech & Partners, MASH had five programmes operating in Canterbury. ‘Because the growth was so quick, we weren’t prepared. Craig and I always talk about the fact that we fell into being business people. In order to succeed we needed expert guidance.

Planning Ahead.

Glen tells us ‘you need to do this’. He’s always pushing us to better our processes. Our business is all about continuous betterment. Always looking for a better option or being 100% in the current option.’ Alongside major events like the purchase of a competing business, Leech & Partners have been a valuable ally with regard to the day-to-day running of MASH. ‘Little things like just recently, the option of Debtor Daddy. That has been a godsend. It’s a Xero plugin. That’s ideal. They have now aligned us with Georgia who is the Xero guru and she is the person we really need to assist us to grow in this area.’

What's Next?

MASH have recorded a massive increase in productivity. Allying with Leech & Partners has given Craig and Nicole the space to allow for continual business growth and in the meantime the business has transitioned into a franchise model. ‘We now have up to 28 programmes running, and it doesn’t feel like that big of a deal because of the support. One of those prongs is Glen. We have ultimate trust in him. It’s nice to have that confidence. No second guessing. So much less stress. He knows what is going to work. What we need to make it work. It’s a pretty nice feeling.’

“It’s nice to have that confidence. No second guessing. So much less stress.”

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