As one of Canterbury’s most established and trusted locksmith and security companies, Ross Galt Lock & Alarm know how to keep you and your belongings safe.

They’ve installed locks, safes, CCTV and access management for large commercial, farming and rural clients. “Farms can be very remote and it’s important for people to know what’s happening, how their livestock are doing, and who is on the ground,” Director Deane Kingan explained. Ross Galt Lock & Alarm also have home security packages for families and small businesses, enabling them to sleep soundly knowing their loved ones, possessions or storefronts are in good hands. The team at Ross Galt once helped a mother who had locked her baby in her car, and they had the baby out within five minutes of receiving her phone call. And they’ve been doing it all for over 50 years.

What really sets Ross Galt Lock & Alarm apart is the service and expertise. Highly skilled and knowledgeable, with 24/7 emergency contact available, the team at Ross Galt have helped hundreds of clients feel safe and secure. “We have experts in CCTV and digital locks, alarms, locksmiths and safes. Whatever security concerns or goals you have, we have someone who can do what you want and do it well.” Because of this, Ross Galt have developed strong relationships that have lasted years and they continue to be one of the best security and locksmith companies in Canterbury.

Deane Kingan, Russell Weaver, Greg Coffey and Frank Dowling took over the business a few months ago and are excited to be working with such a highly experienced team. They can see the strengths of the business and its people, and are looking to continue Ross Galt’s legacy of incredible service and to expand their range of high-quality products. “One of goals is to expand even further into CCTV and digital security,” Deane explained.

Deane has been working with Leech & Partners since 1993. He originally worked with Gary Leech and, along with Russell, has enjoyed working with Glen White for the last decade. “Glen has been outstanding,” Deane said. “We ring him quite often and he’s always there to give us advice.” Glen has helped with everything from restructuring to the sale and purchase of businesses, and Deane values this reliable relationship. “It’s been a great partnership; we’ve been very fortunate.”

Leech & Partners help Ross Galt Lock & Alarm with everything from filing taxes to business advice. “The whole team are great to work with. Everyone is always happy to pick up the phone and help with your enquiry. If they don’t know the answer, they’ll get back to you with an answer for the specific problem you’re facing.”

Leech & Partners is looking forward to continuing to work with Deane and his team as they grow Ross Galt Lock & Alarm, sharing the challenges and successes to come.