From kitchens and other household joinery, dining, and bedroom suites to coffee tables, MF Turnbull Limited can spray finish almost anything. They work with paint, stain, polyurethane, and high gloss finishes: everything you need to make your kitchen or furniture shine.

Established in 1988, Murray and Monique Turnbull started MF Turnbull to provide specialist spray finishing services to joiners, designers, architects, builders, and the general public. Now they operate over three locations in Christchurch and have grown their team to a strong group of 22. Part of their operation also involves an apprenticeship program, training new team members in this expert trade and supporting them through their evolving careers.

Murray, Monique, and the team set themselves apart through their vast experience and their passion for helping, listening, and advising people. They always customise their approach to ensure that their customers get the best result every time. “We’ve had people who have great pieces of old furniture that just don’t fit in a modern home, so we give them a change of colour or freshen them up and make sure they can work well in the home again,” Monique explained. “And we’ve worked on the commercial scale, with builders and architects.” They’re also passionate about reducing, reusing and recycling, bringing old furniture and kitchens back to life so people can get the most use out of them.

Murray and Monique started working with Leech & Partners in 2005, quickly forming a great working relationship with Chris and the team. “Chris is a great guy to work with. He’s down to earth and we know we can ask him anything. He gives such great advice, often coming up with something we haven’t thought about. I have no doubt we will pick his brain again soon.” Monique also appreciated that Leech & Partners are there for everything accounting-related for their business, from tax compliance to business advisory.

As for the future, Murray and Monique are working on succession planning. They have brought in their key management staff into shareholder positions and are mentoring them to be able to take over business operations so that they can retire in a few years while keeping the business alive and continuing to employ their fantastic staff.